The Neighborhoods: Lucki’s Cheesecake Bringing New York Creativity To Detroit

As Small Business Saturday approaches, The Neighbourhoods will be highlighting small businesses across Detroit this week. Our last stop is Lucki’s Cheesecakes in Fitzgerald.

“We got some newbies!” the woman behind the Plexiglass exclaimed as we perused the case at Lucki’s Cheesecake teeming with fun flavors such as Purple Rain (in honor of the late, great Prince), Superman and Cheesecake Mix-up

Lucki’s Cheesecake in the Fitzgerald neighborhood started when then-15-year-old Lucki Word started selling cheesecakes out of the family’s home. She learned how to make New York-style cheesecake from her grandfather, so she decided to put her skills to use to help her mother, Rhonda Morris, support the family.

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