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Rhonda Crenshaw Morris

Rhonda Crenshaw Morris started off cleaning chitterlings for restaurants until she came down with an illness that typically only affected animals. Rhonda was looking for another way to support her family so she began working multiple jobs. Her daughter, Lucki, saw how hard her mother had been working and knew that she had to find a better way to help her mom make ends meet.

Lucki’s grandfather taught her how to make New York style cheesecakes so she decided that she would use what he taught her to start selling the tasty treats out of their home. At just 15-years-old, Lucki was selling so many cheesecakes that it caught the attention of the local news and a local business owner who reached out to Rhonda to start selling the cheesecakes at his restaurant. It was at that moment that Rhonda took a leap of faith, believed in herself and her daughter, quit her three jobs and went into business for herself. Nine years later, Rhonda has her own location on West McNichols, and is planning to open another shop near Midtown in 2018.

Rhonda is a lifetime Detroiter who believes in its resurgence and is excited about all of the support she has seen for the city lately. She has been approached to sell her cheesecakes in several local restaurants such as Motor City Soul Food, Imperial Markets, Apollo Markets and Woodbridge Pub, just to name a few.

For 10 years Rhonda Morris has been crafting wild flavors at her shop, Lucki’s Cheesecakes, 7111 W. McNichols in Detroit. Besides the classics like raspberry, Morris makes flavors like Superman, strawberry shortcake, pudding, mango CÎROC (the vodka). 


Rhonda says business is booming and she does not plan to slow down any time soon. Her daughter, who started the whole operation, is more hand off these days as she is in school to become a doctor, and takes her medical school exam next spring. Rhonda says that she has been put on this earth to help people and plans to open up a factory to do just that.

“I really believe that my purpose in life is to help people and when I open my factory I hope that I can as many people as I can.”